eggPlant is a low-overhead, non-invasive black-box test and process automation tool. Since it does not reside on the system-under-test and is technology agnostic, it can test in many situations that other tools cannot. By using image capture and advanced search techniques, most ui changes are not a problem.

QA automation and software testing can be a demanding job. Software test tools that take a long time to learn, fail to replicate the way in which your customers will interact with your product/service offering or are lacking in ease of use features are of little to no benefit. TestPlant appreciates this fact and offers eggPlant – a QA automation tool that is easy to use while immensely powerful.

TestPlant’s GUI automation and software testing product eggPlant is designed with businesses analyst, professional software application testers and manual testers in mind. This black-box driven test tool it does not interact with the underlying code, eggPlant is ideal for GUI test automation and black-box testing of any application including those that can cause problems for other tools such as:

  • Flash
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Flex
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • .Net
  • Silverlight

But, eggPlant’s GUI testing capabilities aren’t limited to just these languages. TestPlant’s customers have found eggPlant to be capable of automating any application they like, even those that they previously thought could not be automated. eggPlant can validate and verify applications across any platform, any device, anywhere.

For Mobile Testing

For Cross Platform Testing

For Performance Testing