You have questions and we have answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: Which system platforms can eggPlant test?

A: Since eggPlant interacts directly with the GUI through the use of widely available VNC software, eggPlant can test virtually ANY system. For dependable performance over typical networks, you will want a robust VNC server with network recovery capability. Vine Server, RealVNC and TightVNC have all been verified as meeting these criteria. We maintain a list of supported VNC servers for major platforms.

Q: Do I need to modify my applications in order to test them with eggPlant?

A: Absolutely not! eggPlant only sees as much of your application as a user would see — in this sense, eggPlant is a “virtual user.” eggPlant requires no modifications of your application whatsoever.

Q: Does moving icons and windows around or changing the screen resolution break my scripts?

A: No. eggPlant does not rely on UI elements remaining in the same location but instead uses advanced searching algorithms to scan the screen of the other computer for the element you want to interact with. Changing the screen resolution just changes the number of screen pixels that are used to display each image pixel; the actual images normally do not change.

Q: How does eggPlant interact with custom controls?

A: eggPlant interacts with custom controls the same way that a manual tester would, by visually matching it on the screen. Since eggPlant does not rely on the underlying code of your application, these customized controls can be changed or moved around on the screen without any impact on your script.

Q: Can eggPlant test for tool tips?

A: Yes! You can move the mouse to the location to check and then wait to see if the tool tip appears.

Q: Can I run the same script against different operating systems?

A: Yes, assuming that the flow of your application is the same on different operating systems, you can run the same test scripts against them. You will need to capture a different set of images to use for each operating system. We recommend putting each set of images in its own suite and then adding the appropriate suite as a Helper suite before running your test.

Q:Are there any limits to which environments that eggPlant can test?

A: The only limitation to the systems that eggPlant can test is that it must have a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) connection either through the use of a VNC server installed on the system-under-test, or through the use of a hardware KVM-Over-IP solution.

Q: Is there a demo version of eggPlant available?

A: Yes. Please contact us for details.

Q: Your licenses require a HostID, if I use my ethernet card will I still be able to use the software when working through my wireless network connection?

A: Yes, as long as that ethernet card remains part of your machine then your license will work regardless of which physical network interface you use to make network connections. If you ever replace the card (or switch machines) you can permanently transfer your license using our online license management system.

Q: Can eggPlant convert text displayed into actual values?

A: There are two ways you can accomplish this. If the text is selectable, you can use SenseTalk’s RemoteClipboard() function to get the text off the remote system. If the text is not selectable, we have an approach that you can request through support.

Q: Can eggPlant check object states?

A: If the state is visible to the user, eggPlant can check for it. For example, since a radio button which is not selected does not look the same as a radio button that is selected, you can easily compare against the two.

Q: What is the difference between an execution license and a node-locked license?

A: A node-locked license can be used to develop and execute test scripts using eggPlant. An execution license cannot be used to develop test scripts using the eggPlant UI. It can only be used to run scripts. Contact your account manager for more information and pricing.

Q: Where can I download the latest version of eggPlant?

A: Please contact us for details.

Q: Can the application that I want to test be on the same machine as eggPlant?

A: Yes! If you are running Mac OS X, you can create and run tests all on a single machine. Here is a step-by-step guide for setting it up: eggPlant Single Machine Setup.

Q: Can I have multiple instances of eggPlant testing multiple SUTs?

A: Yes. You can put multiple eggPlant licenses on a single machine. Each of these licenses can be connected to a different machine and run its own set of tests. TestPlant offers substantial discounts for multiple license purchases. Contact your account manager for more information and pricing.

Q: Why is it called eggPlant?

A: The initial development effort had the internal code name “Operation Screaming Eggplant” named after a local band. The development team liked the code name so much we went with the Mac OS X tradition and launched with our internal code name — well, part of it anyway.