AbsoluteProof for Windows

A one-click MS Office-based application for authenticating any form of digital content, including documents, spreadsheets, email, design diagrams, device readings, audit logs and media files, right at your desktop. And our AbsoluteProof FolderSeal (Windows Explorer) can be set up to automatically protect the integrity of files stored on a server in specified Windows folders – including files stored in subfolders. Helps customers improve their data security posture and meet regulatory compliance requirements for the protection of critical data.


  • Lightweight desktop or Windows Explorer folder sealing and validation utility
  • Automated Scheduler timestamps new or modified files in designated folders and subfolders
  • One click sealing & validation
  • Seal files and directories
  • Seal files of any format
  • Standard-compliant seals
  • Portable AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Bag allows transfer of sealed content from system to system
  • Free downloadable Viewer for 3rd party validation of sealed content


  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Cost-effective
  • Proves time of record or document creation and content integrity
  • Tamper-evident, long-lasting and independently provable
  • Seamless integration into MS Office applications and Windows Explorer
  • Automatically protect the integrity of files stored in specified Windows folders and subfolders

How It Works

  • AbsoluteProof Desktop toolbar is added to your Microsoft Office applications; for AbsoluteProof FolderSeal, an automated "Sealer" task periodically runs and Seals new or modified files in the specified folders and subfolders
  • One-click on the AbsoluteProof toolbar automatically Seals your document
  • Files within sealed folders can be moved and renamed without impacting the Seal, and Seal information is easily viewed and validated from within Windows Explorer
  • AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Bag for portability is created
  • AbsoluteProof Integrity Seals are an effective deterrent to electronic record tampering
  • The confidential nature of data sealed by AbsoluteProof is never seen by Surety
  • Sealed content can be exported and independently validated
  • Validate the Seal to prove that the record or file is accurate and has not been tampered
  • Any 3rd party can validate the content of the Seal with the freely available AbsoluteProof Viewer