The Burden of Proof | Have Your Electronic Records or Files Been Tampered With? How Do You Know?

The pressure is mounting to prevent and detect electronic record fraud. Trouble is, tampering with electronic files and other digital content has never been easier – all it takes is motive and a keystroke.

Can you protect the integrity and legally defend the authenticity of your electronic records in a legal, regulatory or patent dispute?

Can you prove beyond a shadow of doubt they have not been altered at any time – even decades after their creation?

Now more than ever, you require the power to prove that your intellectual property, business, and financial records are authentic.

Integrated Data Integrity Protection

An external or third-party time stamp proves that people within your organization and outside the corporate perimeter neither altered nor backdated any electronic data.

It is an Internet-based service that works wherever your most important electronic records or other digital files reside, and is compatible with any data source, regardless of format—including email, electronic health records, engineering diagrams, scientific device readings, audio, video, CAD diagrams and audit logs.